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Getting Started

I’m self-taught and have been researching and studying caricature art for 20 + years. I first made the decision to become a caricature artist in 1995 when my wife and I were honeymooning in Florida. We had our caricatures drawn by a talented artist at Disney Village. We had a brief chat with her and she was very encouraging…so I made my mind up and off I went into the crazy but wonderful world of caricature art!


I started doing live caricature around 2000. My first live gig was at the July 1st Canada Day celebrations at the Sydney Boardwalk. The lineup was two hrs long. I was drawing till well after dark but luckily there was an electrical outlet and I had a light with me. Prior to that, I was only doing caricatures in my studio.

Initially, I was getting practice at caricature drawing when I was teaching children’s cartooning classes. I did a 11 x 14 colour caricature of each student as part of the program. This amounted to literally hundreds of caricatures, and terrific practice!

Ready, Set, Draw!

Doing live caricatures is a big leap from studio work. At home, you have all the time in the world to “perfect” your work. Live caricature requires speed and output. The game is highly stressful from this perspective, especially if you have a high standard and strive to produce a quality drawing that is lightly exaggerated, humorous, and actually resembles the subject. No complaints yet! Over time, you evaluate and learn from each outing. Today I’m more confident doing live work, (and faster) with a time of 3-4 minutes per face, black and white.

I’ve also produced numerous 24 x 32” – full colour – town posters/maps of various Cape Breton Communities. We would print off 6-8 thousand of each of these and distribute them to the tourist through the various tourist bureaus around Cape Breton. (Glace Bay, Sydney, North Sydney, Cheticamp, and Baddeck)

I’ve also produced several site posters for various resorts in Cape Breton. (Inverary Inn, Dundee Golf Resort, the Silver Dart Resort). These would be reproduced in 11 x 17 format and a copy would be given to each guest. Find them in my portfolio section.

There were numerous other clients over the years requiring hand drawn renderings and/or illustration work for special promotions, bands, CD covers, fund raisers and engineering projects (Sydney Tar Ponds Clean-Up).

– Ron

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