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Are you looking for that unique “thing” to make your event stand out? Adding completely personalized caricatures is the absolute way to go.  Your guest will have a wonderful memory they can frame and hang, and the experience of being caricatured! Guests can watch while I create each individual piece, and the development can be a very interesting process.

At each event, I’ll draw for 4-5 hours Each caricature takes approx. 3-5 minutes. (black and white) However, I understand each event is unique and we can discuss anything special you may like and go from there.

If you have a special event you would like me to appear at, please visit my contact page and reach out! We can discuss the details of the event and how I can help you to enhance it!

Some example events are:

Individual Custom Orders

Have a photo(s) you’d like caricatured? Send it my way, and I can create it in my studio, black and white or color. Once complete, I can send you a digital or hard copy of your piece.

Do you have a friend that lives far away that you might like to have in the caricature with you? Send me a photo of each of you, and I can combine them into one caricature, and once more, a great gift idea!

Another great idea to keep in mind is your furry friend! Send me a photo of you and your best bud, and I can create something that you can cherish always.

If you have any questions or would like to send along your photos, please visit my contact page and reach out. Once I can review the photo(s), we can discuss pricing based on the level of detail.

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